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No laptop? No job!

How would you react if you received a call from your favorite organization telling you that you have been selected to join them as an intern?
It would make you ecstatic and jump with joy.
But what if, the next minute, they put in the condition: Only if you have a laptop.
What would your reaction be then?
Many may be fine with this sort of condition – every organization has its own set of rules and regulations and if they have a certain requirement, there is nothing wrong with it.
I, for one, was really taken aback however, especially because it was coming from one of the oldest and largest software houses. I didn’t expect this from them. Also I got interview for that Internship after a long time. There were no internships available. The notion that such organizations do not have computers available for interns really puts me at a loss for words.

It is absurd!

Maybe I am overreacting but I want to know how, when you are student with no means of earning money, could you be expected to afford a laptop?

I have always maintained that I will only buy a laptop once I start earning myself. I will not burden my parents to buy me one. I know that many students do have laptops but they are given to them by their parents. It is also true that there are certain students who earn through tutions and other means, but if you do not have the knack for teaching, what are you supposed to do? I give tutions to students but this doesnot means that I am able to buy a laptop on my own. Simple is this that I cannot afford it.

With summer holidays around the corner, many university students will be trying to get internships in their respective fields. Sadly, the laptop demand is a demoralising factor for those who are talented and hardworking but don’t own one.

Students should not be refused the chance of achieving their dreams because of such a ridiculous condition.

I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post, but in a country where the unemployment rate is increasing daily, and as it is, students see a gloomy picture for their future, instead of encouraging and helping them, we seem to be busy demoralising them with impossible demands.

Think about this!!!!

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