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A Big Loss – In my views only!

I have goit Bachelor’s Degree from one of the Research Institutes of Karachi University named Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center. This department offers Bachelors in Islamic Studies with COmputer Technology as well as Masters  and Ph.D too. Although most of the Govt Sector Instutues donot provide quality education and same was here too.

Introducing myself, I have been s tudent of this department and in the final year of my Bachelors I was given the position of Web Developer in this department. I designed and developed the website of the department and now a days maintaining it (www.szic.edu.pk).

Being a student and also an employee, I go through many issues in this department and also I know many problems. As I am not a permanent employee of this department yet, therefore, I think I don’t have much rights to express my rights and feeling attached to the institute.  I cannot say that politics isn’t in my department as it is every where. Most of the govt. sector organizations are full of politics and the merit quota has been demoralised. People look for govt jobs but they dont find one or hesitate to apply. Because they know they won’t find one as corruption is filled every where. Jobs are given on huge bribes or any political or big shot’s reference.

Now coming to the main issue I just witnessed. From almost 2-3 years there was an issued in our department that a faculty member of our depatment is not eligible to be a Director. The faculty member I am talking about is Dr. Noor ahmed Shahtaz. He was accused of having fake credentials and getting promoted to the post of Director which is of Grade-20 by an Assistant Professor of  Grade-19. It is a very long story. If you want the whole story then google “szic” you can find the 3rd or 4th link regarding this issue in Dawn News Website. The reporter is Faiza Ilyas.

Looks like to be a wrong and illegal decision to me but that the responsibility of the higher authorities to judge. I am not the person to judge or say that this post is illegal. The employees took an action of this promotion and they halted their work. Protest in the department were carried out by the Employees Union and their demand was to remove this Director and appoint a new one. But these protest did nothing other than destroying the image of the department. The whole image, fame of the department was destroyed. Reports were published in the newspapers against the Director Noor Ahmed Shahtaz. He along with the department was disgraced. Now this isn’t the irght decision taken by the employeed. They must consult to the VC or the High Court and file a case on the matter. Then they must fight for this issue. Due to their protest and reportts in the public newspapers, department’s image was destroyed. Nothing else!

Dr. Noor Ahmed Shahtaz

Dr. Noor ahmed Shahtaz remained the Director upto 28 July, 2012. A notification came and Prof. Dr. M Shakil Auj was appointed as the new director of the department. Reminding that Mr Shakil Auj has been recently made as the Dean Faculty of ISlamic Studies and also he is the Director of the Seerat Chair too. He joined as a Director on 29, July 2012.

I met him yesterday, he is a simple guy with no attitude. I was introduced to him by my teacher and supervisor. I am a little sad on the removal of Dr. Shahtaz. Why? Because he is a man of reformation. He reformed the whole department although most of the employees were against him. He did well for the department and a lot of changes can be seen in the department.

I am just expressing my views, I should calrify that I am not his “Chamcha”.

  • First of al when he was made director, I showed him the wbsite of the department. He praised me and funded me to make it an official site (www.szic.edu.pk).
  • He extended tee Library and spolitted it into different Sections on the name of famous Scholars.
  • He splitted the Reading Room in the Library and made a good place for the PGD/MIBF classes. It is also used as the Conference Hall and different conferences and ocassion are held here.
  • Crossing the main road infront of the department he renovated the ground and made it a Cricket ground the students od the department.
  • The ground inside the department is now being used for rental basis for Ocassions like Wedding and other ceremonies. (This made an extra income to the department as PGD/MIBF Programme was not running more profitable than the previous batches. The main reason was due to the protests and reports in newspapers against the department and director destroyed the image of in the institution.)
  • After this, he started many certificate course related to Islamic Banking and Finance. Executive Certificate Course, Practical Islamic Banking Course, Shariah Audit and Compliance Course, Diploma in IT and many others. (some of these course haven’t been started yet but he took an initiative and this should be praised.)
  • He announced trips to foreign country as well as other cities in Pakistan to represent the department. Thisshould be appreciated too.
  • Represtation of  the department, he made it possible by having a stall in different Expo’s. This increased exposure of the department to the public and students.
  • Invited different guests and scholars on different ocassions so as to increase the department’s value.
  • Opened Research Lab and Language Lab in the department for Masters Students.

and their are many more things which I donot remember at this moment. Also reminding that tis the positive side but he has also taken some wroong decisions too which I donot appreciate at all. But if we look at only department’s exposure then we can say that he has done much and I don’t think that from now on any other person will do something like Dr. Noor Ahmed Shahtaz did for the department.

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