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Dumb Awaam of Pakistan

Now this is a good news for the so called “Awaam of Pakistan.” Petroleum prices have been slashed up to 6 Rs I think. These petrol prices which were not going to be down in the tenure Dumb Awaam of Pakistanof Yousuf Raza Gilani, suddenly turned down and also in the case of CNG too. What is this ? What do we call this, either our Leaders are too kind on us that they want to provide relief to this so called Awaam.  My friends, this is called politics and this is a game being played with the public.

Now, Raja Rental and Mental both – has become the new PM of this Islamic Republic and the old one YRG (Yousuf Raza Gilani) has been dismissed by the court. Elections are near and this is an understood thing that this kindness being showed to the public is because of the election which are going to be held in the near future. In the last 4 years of politics YRG did nothing but increasing prices of almost everything. The prices have not doubled but they have been tripled within these 4 dark years.

Now Raja Sahib is now making his image infront of all the Pakistani so that his party can won the election and once again let Pakistani to be drowned more into the well of darkness. Advertisements being broadcasted on Television Channels, Govt. Jobs are being announced (I myself applying for many Govt. jobs). Petrol and CNG prices have smashed down. People are happy, they are making people happy so that they can get votes from the dumb public.

When there were  increasing prices no one said a single word or protested against it (the  public only).  Why? Because a single family and a single person of that family is being fed by any means. He/She get food and fed themselves, they are being fed thats why no on is saying nothing. Reformation will never occur in ths situation. I am saying this that even the most poorest person also gets fed. When will the change come? Only and Only, when there would be nothing left to eat, the middle class person gets starved and the poorest one dies. When one will see that his children are crying due to hunger then people will come out to roads and in this way a bloody reform will occur.

I think people should understand that this government is going to give us nothing!


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