Operation at PNS Base in Karachi comes to an end

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KARACHI: Pakistan’s navy says it appears to have regained control of a base that had been attacked and occupied by militants for more than 15 hours.

Spokesman Salman Ali said Monday commandos were still searching the sprawling facility in Karachi but that “apparently there is no more militant resistance.”

Attack on PNS Mehran

He says the navy would not release details on militant casualties until the base had been fully searched. Taliban militants assaulted the headquarters of Pakistan’s naval air force, battling on Monday security forces in the most brazen attack in the country since the killing of Osama bin Laden, killing 13 people, injuring 16 others and blowing up at least two military aircraft.

The dead include 11 navy officials and one Ranger.

Blasts rang out and helicopters hovered above the PNS Mehran base near Shahrah-e-Faisal almost 14 hours after more than 20 Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants stormed the heavily guarded building with guns and grenades, blowing up at least two aircraft and casting doubt on the military’s ability to protect its installations.

Trucks carrying military and paramilitary rangers streamed into the base in the southern city of Karachi in the morning, as security forces tried to end the siege.

A senior security official, who declined to be identified, said the militants had taken over a building in the base. Another official stationed in the base said the militants had not taken any hostages, but added: “There is a chance that some terrorists have suicide belts or jackets.”

Sixteen military men were wounded in the attack, some reports said that at least three militants had been killed while trying to flee but nothing has been confirmed so far.

The base is 15 miles from the Masroor Air Base, Pakistan’s largest and a possible depot for nuclear weapons.

“They were carrying guns, rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) and hand grenades. They hit the aircraft with an RPG,” Navy spokesman Commander Salman Ali said of the militants.

A spokesman said two P-3C Orion, maritime patrol aircraft, had been destroyed and that intermittent gunfire was continuing.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said earlier that the militants had attacked from the rear of the base. “We have been able to confine them to one building and an operation is underway either to kill or capture them,” he said.

Media reports said the attackers had made their way in through a sewer pipe but that was not confirmed. The military’s goal was to capture as many of the attackers alive as possible, television reported.

The attack evoked memories of an assault on Pakistan’s army headquarters in the city of Rawalpindi in 2009, and is a further embarrassment for the military, widely seen as the only properly functioning institution in Pakistan, in the wake of bin Laden’s killing.

The military has come under intense pressure from the United States and its own people for failing to know that bin Laden had been living in a garrison town, north of the capital and near a top military academy, for years, and also for allowing five US helicopters to penetrate Pakistan’s airspace and kill him.

Wave Of Bombings

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani condemned the attack. “Such a cowardly act of terror could not deter the commitment of the government and people of Pakistan to fight terrorism,” Gilani said in statement.

Pakistan has faced a wave of assaults over the last few years, many of them claimed by the Pakistani Taliban. Others have been blamed on al Qaeda-linked militant groups once nurtured by the Pakistani military and which have since slipped out of control. The Taliban have stepped up attacks since bin Laden’s death, killing almost 80 people in a suicide bombing on a paramilitary academy and an assault on a US consular vehicle in Peshawar. The TTP is led by Hakimullah Mehsud, whose fighters regularly clash with the army in the northwest. The group also claimed responsibility for a botched plot to bomb New York’s Times Square last year.

The discovery that bin Laden was living in Abbottabad, has revived suspicions that militants may be receiving help from some people within the security establishment. Washington sees Pakistan as a key, if difficult, ally essential to its attempts to root out militant forces in neighbouring Afghanistan.

“We condemn the attack and our sympathies are with the families of those injured or killed,” the White House said in a statement.


What Uncle Sam said!

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“We condemn the attack and our sympathies are with the families of those injured or killed,” the White House said in a statement.
They condemn the attack and also show sympathies towards the families. Actually I am quite bored from these statements in this world of politics. I ask them, what is the matter with the US Government. Why they always interfere the matters of Pakistan? Militants are martyred here in Pakistan, losses are made of the families of the martyrs and the US government is condemning the attack.

Revenge of Osama’s Death?

May 24, 2011 2 comments

“It was the revenge of martyrdom of Osama bin Laden. It was the proof that we are still united and powerful,” Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location.


First of all! Osama is not dead. This is just another drama made by USA Govt. When I was in school, I heard in news that Osama is dead, then again in 2011 I heard that Osama is dead.


What all is this!      Is this is bloody Start Plus Drama that Osama gets dead every season.


I got a text from my friend that Osama got killed 3 times by US Govt. Stop this! Even the STAR PLUS DRAMAS don’t kill their characters thrice. 😛


Actually, acoording to me Osama is not dead. He is a person who can’t be dead. I am not  a spokesman or a spy or any other. These are just my thoughts that Osama is not dead. Many reason and explanations are their that US must give that Osama is dead!


Why did the Navy Seals didn’t showed up the dead body of Osama!


I heard that all the personnel including Obama (Not Usama) and Hillary Clinton were watching the whole operation live. Then why didn’t they showed up a video related to this operation. They would have exposed few snaps or a video of 1 min. At least they should provide a single proof for this operation. But they didn’t and they can’t! Because Osama is still alive and once again after 10 years from now you will again hear that Osama is killed.


Not speaking and telling that Osama is dead means nothing. Even for a small incident , a court asks for proof and in this case they have no proof! No no body and nothing!


Osama was living in Abottabad for over 5 years and no one knew about it and and he was living in one of the most secure place near the PMA (Pakistan Military Academy). No one again knew about him! How this could be possible. I dont believe this!


Think about it!

This nation can buy the petrol if the prices will rise upto 100Rs/litre.

May 22, 2011 1 comment

Petrol prices have raised up to 88. something Rs per liter. This is a serious issue for the public but don’t worry, this is nothing. This public of Pakistan can do anything, they have much patience than any other nation in this world. Once upon a time, few years back, petrol prices were like nothing, it was easy for everyone, to buy fuel. But now a days it is horrible.

I remember a quote of our Ex President General Pervez Musharraf. A friend of mine told me that he said “Meri awaam aisi hai k agar petrol 100 rupees bhi hojaey ga tou yeh khareeday g.” (This nation can buy the petrol if the prices will rise upto 100Rs/litre.)

He think! He saw! and he conquered!

The former President of Pakistan was and is right.

People have no such interest in where are prices going. Everyone is busy in his own life and have no concern in what is going on in our country. This country needs a reform and a bigger reform!

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No laptop? No job!

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How would you react if you received a call from your favorite organization telling you that you have been selected to join them as an intern?
It would make you ecstatic and jump with joy.
But what if, the next minute, they put in the condition: Only if you have a laptop.
What would your reaction be then?
Many may be fine with this sort of condition – every organization has its own set of rules and regulations and if they have a certain requirement, there is nothing wrong with it.
I, for one, was really taken aback however, especially because it was coming from one of the oldest and largest software houses. I didn’t expect this from them. Also I got interview for that Internship after a long time. There were no internships available. The notion that such organizations do not have computers available for interns really puts me at a loss for words.

It is absurd!

Maybe I am overreacting but I want to know how, when you are student with no means of earning money, could you be expected to afford a laptop?

I have always maintained that I will only buy a laptop once I start earning myself. I will not burden my parents to buy me one. I know that many students do have laptops but they are given to them by their parents. It is also true that there are certain students who earn through tutions and other means, but if you do not have the knack for teaching, what are you supposed to do? I give tutions to students but this doesnot means that I am able to buy a laptop on my own. Simple is this that I cannot afford it.

With summer holidays around the corner, many university students will be trying to get internships in their respective fields. Sadly, the laptop demand is a demoralising factor for those who are talented and hardworking but don’t own one.

Students should not be refused the chance of achieving their dreams because of such a ridiculous condition.

I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post, but in a country where the unemployment rate is increasing daily, and as it is, students see a gloomy picture for their future, instead of encouraging and helping them, we seem to be busy demoralising them with impossible demands.

Think about this!!!!

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